ULTIMATE Tapas in Madrid ???? Totally LOCAL Bars


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Five best tapas bars in Madrid. These are truly local tapas spots in a very non-touristy neighbourhood! Plus, you'll get to meet my wife! Enjoy and salud!

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???? ABOUT THIS VID! ????
Madrid is an amazing place to eat tapas! But there are so many tapas bars that the challenge is knowing exactly where to go! I love a lot of the tapas bars in the old centre of Madrid, but I also love to escape into the local neighbours where the locals eat - because that's where you can find some truly spectacular tapas. If I were going to write a Madrid travel guide, it would definitely include a lunch or dinner of tapas in this part of town!

In this video my wife Yoly and I (follow her @flamencoguide) dive into the Ibiza neighbourhood, which is REALLY close to the old centre (quick metro or short walk) for five of my most favourite tapas bars in all of Madrid.

If you love Spanish food, this is the video for you! We eat plump prawns, slow-cooked bull tail stew, scallops, artichokes, venison, partridge, fresh fish... I could go on and one. And of course we pair it all with great Spanish wine!

I've included info below on how to get to this area. And remember - you don't need to reserve a table at any of the bars. Just turn up and hit the bar! You can reserve a table for a slightly calmer experience... but I'll leave that up to you!

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The neighbourhood is called Ibiza (yes, just like the island!), and so you should head to Metro Ibiza (line 9). Alternatively, the neighbourhood is just on the other side (the east side) of the Retiro park. So one idea is to walk across the Retiro before lunch and then hit these bars. Or, take the Metro to Ibiza and then you can sleep it off (or walk it off) in the park afterwards! Or... another idea is go to the Prado Museum during the day, and then wander across the park and hit these bars for dinner.

???? This video was filmed by my wife, the wonderful Flamenco Guide: http://bit.ly/2itRInb

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I’m from New Zealand and have been living in Madrid since 2011 (which my Spanish wife, Yolanda). I’m a co-founder of Devour Tours, where we offer award-winning food & culture tours in Spain’s most delicious destinations. I’ve been featured on the BBC, CBS and Channel 4 talking about Spain and its food and I’ve also written for The Guardian, Sunday Times, El País and others about Spain as a culinary destination. And finally, I make these videos - because it causes me a lot of pain to think that people are in Spain and having a less-than-authentic experience!

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