Raghida Shamanic Ascension Healing - MBS Festival Sydney


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https://goo.gl/2ER7QA - “Hey, guys I'm Sharon, and I'm here at MindBodySpirit Festival, down at Darling Harbour at our new venue, ICC. Today I'm with the lovely Raghida, and Raghida is going to be my first experience on a Shamanic Ascension Healing. Raghida, can you tell me a little bit more about what I'm about to experience today? “

“Oh. Thank you, Sharon. Well, Sharon, today, is going to go through what's called an Ascension Upgrade, clearing out her energy field, all her meridians, any of her chakras that are blocked. Anyway, there may be something in her luminous frequency that requires to be reset, recalibrated, reactivated, and then energised to her highest potentiality. She'll experience that Ooh. on the table and with ease and grace.”

“Awesome, I can't wait.”

“Now, choose a medicine stone for me, beautiful. You'd like to blow anything in it.”


“Blow the nose away.”


“So I'm going to blow my energy into this energy stone. And she'll remove anything that no longer, that her body may be carrying. It doesn't even have to be expressed. It's held very sacredly. She'll release it all into the stone, and now begin the process.”

“So Sharon, I'll get you to have a lie down. Thank you.”


“I'm going to put those on you. I might get you. I might get you under this one, because a bit more. You know what I mean? It looks more Shamanic as well.”

“Oh, I'm excited.”

“Put this under your knees. It's gonna get you comfy. And blow some more into the stone for me. Close your eyes. Completely relax. I'll take that stone off you. You just take this one. Completely relax. Put your hands by your sides. So maybe underneath, underneath, so that you're nice and comfy and warm. And when you're ready, Sharon.”

“Just take your time. Come on up. Take your time. Relaxed, and the energy needs to go.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

“Absolute pleasure.”

“How do you feel?”

“Thank you.”

“How you feeling?”

“Wow, I feel absolutely incredible. I feel rejuvenated. I've got energy. Thank you so much for your time, Raghida.”

“Absolute pleasure.”

“Thank you. If any of you would like to come down and experience a Shamanic healing with the lovely Raghida, you can find her on Stand BO8, at the Darling Harbour venue. That's MBS Festival, from now until Sunday. Thank you.”

More Info: https://goo.gl/2ER7QA
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